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Benchmark Group's Movement Haus fitness comes to Garrison Point

With partners like Munge Leung, Hariri Pontarini, and Mark Stables of Benchmark, Garrison Point is shaping up to be beautiful, functional, and family-friendly. Our Movement Haus gym by Benchmark in particular, is raising lots of eyebrows and getting people to see the full potential of what a condo gym can be. Mark told us that all of his gyms focus on functionality, which is what makes them so great, but aesthetically, the gym will align with the design principles developed by Munge Leung, such as colour schemes and the overall themes.

When designing Movement Haus, Mark Stables told us that he took inspiration from his own experience, saying “working with my own personal training clients for thousands of hours and training them in all different kinds of fitness centres, I was able to see what the shortcomings are in these spaces, and more importantly where the advantages are.” Mark took those cues and ran with them. He told us, “I decided that with my keen interest in architecture and interior design, that it was time to add some functionality to these fitness spaces. Interior design has often helped fitness spaces look esthetically appealing, however, I thought these spaces could definitely benefit from having better functionality where form follows function.”

Mark Stables has designed many Movement Haus gyms in condos around the city, but because of our future community, Garrison Point’s will be different. The plans for the fitness and amenities centre incorporates a children’s play area that will cater to children from the ages of three to thirteen. The space will have traditional play centres, but will also have arts and crafts tables, a tech centre with iPads, and will have a digital emphasis with free WiFi.

Mark told us that in addition to the fitness centre and the children’s area, there will be a spa with treatment rooms available so that our community will have access to the services of healthcare practitioners like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. There will also be a large sauna, and a hot and cold plunge pool. You won’t have to go far to pamper yourself!

Mark explained to us that his main goal with Benchmark is to “benchmark what state-of-the-art means when it comes to fitness centres in condos.” With his depth of experience, Mark is able to identify what each project needs and how to maximize the space within these fitness centres. He has definitely brought his expertise to our project and we can’t wait to see the finished product but until then, we’ll continue to update you on what’s new and what’s going on at Garrison Point.

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